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Eye of Ethereal

Hi! I'm Victoria & I am the Eye of Ethereal.  I have been studying Buddhism, Wiccan & shaman teachings for 2 years. I am a full time tattoo artist & work mostly with spiritual imagery & symbolism. I am a Reiki 1 certified & am continuing my study this summer. My spiritual work is focused on healing others through their life journey & to facilitate awakenings. 


Victoria is available for readings at
Prayers of Nature studio 
Contact Victoria directly to book your session now!

(603) 521-7491


Session Options

Reading resulting in intuitive art

General reading

$30 30 min

$50 60 min

This offering is a great option for those new to Tarot or for those seeking a traditional experience.


Energy reading with Reiki

$80 60 min

Using a mix of reiki and cards experience a 15-20 min reiki session with a card reading directly after. Perfect for grounding & opening oneself to being more receptive to messages. 


$150  60 min

Experience a reading where after a while some visual brainstorming happens between you & the Eye of Ethereal. As your reading progresses an intuitive image appears by her hand, a spiritual, emotional, personal, one of a kind art manifests. Leave with a print or tattoo appointment options for said image is available.

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