Artist Mission Statement

All art has a message. The message of my Flower Prayer for Peace Mandalas is, very simply, peace. Globally I wish my images to promote peace on earth. Personally I wish my images to give the viewer peace of mind.

I have chosen two ancient universal positive symbols to convey that message: circles and flowers. Flowers, of course, readily represent spring’s new beginnings of the growing season ahead. Circles have no beginning or end. Circles symbolize infinite new beginnings.

Flowers are the prayers of nature. Flower blossoms become the food that nourishes us. We come from the earth, we return to earth, and in between, we garden. Whether in a garden, strolling in the woods, or walking on a city street, it is the bright spots of color that flowers create that catch our eye and make us smile.

A quote from Georgia O'keeffe: “Nobody sees a flower really, it is so small, we haven’t time, and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” My flower prayer for peace mandalas give the viewer that time to befriend and appreciate natures flowers. Flowers bloom with the infinite myriad of colors of rainbows coming alive in a garden of delights. Flowers symbolize love, care, and celebration. The end of winter proclaiming spring’s new beginnings  towards an abundant harvest.

Circles also always give pause for attention, hypnotically registering on the “mindseye.” A mandala is a circular design. Mandala means circle in sanskrit. It is the earliest universal symbol. It is the first shape a child draws. It is the design element first used on the oldest human artifacts. A baby in a mother's arms sees the mother’s face as a circle of warmth, caring, and light. Think of early tribal families sitting or dancing in a circle around the campfire. The life giving sun, the serene moon, the abundant earth, all circles. It is a circle you see when you look in someone’s eyes. The circle is the most powerful, unifying archaic symbol of connectedness. Think of a child's universal, poignant image of peace where people hold hands in friendship around the circle of the planet earth.

I strive to create mandalas that spin and dance in happy aliveness as well as mandalas that create a sense of centeredness, stillness, and serenity. They are based on the classical aesthetic concept of beauty and order. I want people to look at them and feel good. I want people to meditate upon my  mandalas, deeply feeling the joy and wellbeing that comes from experiencing nature’s wondrous, beauteous, abundance.

As an artist I reach out in warm friendship, creating images with flowers and circles. Each of my images is fervently hope filled with the wish for new beginnings  for Peace. I like that my arts message is positive, pleasurable, and easily understood by any viewer.

- Linda Wyman