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To book a session email with your preferred date and time.

Why are these readings only $10? Because I’m a newbie at offering this to the public and will be keeping the sessions to only 15 min! Consider me a reader in training and this an opportunity to get a classic Tarot reading at a great rate. I have been reading casually for friends and myself for years and this is my first time dipping my toe into public offerings.

What to expect during your reading:

Sessions are 15 min each.

I will be using a basic three-card spread: Obstacle / Situation / Solution with the classic Rider Waite deck. Because I am learning and honing my skills I may have to use an app or book for reference and will do my best to make sure your experience is a positive one! If you find that you can not make this appointment after booking it please don’t hesitate to reach out to cancel or reschedule asap.

Payment is due at the time of service. Cash is preferred but cards & Venmo are accepted. 

Location: 33 Howard st. Wilton NH. White building. 1st floor.

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