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Artisan jewelry & decor by Aaron Derman

Aaron works in enameling & practices popular jeweler techniques such as Cloisonné, Champlevé, Plique-à-jour & some silversmithing & metalwork. He started sharing his wares at various music festivals & art fairs. Still doing this, he has also been working out of his studio & storefront at the Riverview Mill Artists Community in NH. Aaron has lived deep in the New England woods happily surrounded & alongside his muse, mother nature.



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Silver enameled Cloisonné & Champlevé pendants

Example of Champlevé

Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique using silver/gold wire, attaching it to metal & firing glass enamel into separate compartments. Silver foil is a technique involving hand-punched or cut silver/gold foil layered & fired under glass enamel.

Champlevé is an enameling technique in the decorative arts, or an object made by that process, in which troughs or cells are carved, etched, die struck, or cast into the surface of a metal object, and filled with vitreous enamel. The piece is then fired until the enamel fuses, and when cooled the surface of the object is polished. The uncarved portions of the original surface remain visible as a frame for the enamel designs; typically they are gilded in medieval work.


Example of Cloisonné