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Linda Wyman's flower mandalas

Made by hand with intention, inspired by nature. 

Artist Linda Wyman

Linda Wyman (1942-2010)  spent 25 years creating over 109 mandalas from her own planted flowers. When their colorful blooms were perfect and the light was right she photographed and cut by hand each replicated blossom. She arranged, rearranged, and experimented with infinite combinations until a pleasing configuration appears. This often took hundreds of hours. Linda choose circles and flowers because they are two positive symbols and convey the message of peace. The best of intentions emanates from each mandala with each associated affirmation or "prayer".

With Aaron's blessing, Kate took on the task of curating a collection from Linda's mandalas. Leaning on the popular mantra of "I AM", Kate manifested a mantra, or prayer, for each mandala she personally selected. 


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